Here I am.  I’m in Barter Island.  Its gorgeous and humbling.  Everyone knows everyone and all the kids are friendly.  My Ahpa is 86 and holds a conversation better than I can.  So far I’ve worked 7 days and today’s my first day off to celebrate the 4th of July.  Basically I work and I enjoy my time with my dad and grandpa.  Its definitely not a lonely town like my dad describes, though its been only a week.  I’ve slept a whole day away.  I mean good.  I’ve got no choice but to be friendly here. 

Um.  Its funny every adult remembers me from when I’d visit as a child but I have a hard time remembering names.  They’re all nice and encourage the young ones to be active.  Its a whole different vibe here.  I wish I could stay longer and that I was a much better conversationalist.  I also am more aware of myself and am a little ashamed of how well-brought up I was.  I want to do a lot for people I come across.  They’re sweet.  

I better head back to my grandpa’s.  Its cold outside.  Um.  I’m sitting on their school deck because this is the only internet I’ve got.  More about this town later on.